It has just been one of those days.  I ordered a pizza for lunch and they brought the wrong one.  Then it took them more than a half hour for them to remedy the situation.  Then I went to Wal-Mart to pick up some contacts and ended up waiting 30 minutes.  Has anyone heard of multi-tasking?  And, I had to clean off my car like three times today.  I normally love the snow but it is annoying me today.  And…I’m done complaining.  Have a good day!


Alas, this is one question that I do not have an answer for.

On Saturday I fell of a stool I was standing on (to reach my shelves).  I thought I broke my foot.  It turns out I just bruised the bone.  Who does that?  Why is like I’m five?

Today I spoke in Sacrament meeting.  I think it went ok.  Not long enough, but what are you going to do?  I’ll tell you what I did, nothing. 

Brian gave me a new old shirt today.  It has a picture of his face on it from when he was in 8th grade or so.  It is hilarious and awesome.  I want to wear it everyday. 

It finally rained here!  I love the rain so much!  I was going to go play in it but I was wearing my new Brian shirt and didn’t want to hurt it.

I totally got electrocuted the other day.  I was plugging in my laptop and my thumb was partly over the outlet and bam!  Ellen had been shocked.  It made my heart mad and my arm go numb.  Weird, huh?

And what is that lesson?  Wal-Mart has the best prices on sleeping bags.  After going to the Army-Navy store and some recreation/sports place and Shop-ko (all in my lunch hour, by the way), I learned that was a wasted effort.  I should have just gone to Wal-Mart in the first place.  But on the plus side, I have a new sleeping bag 🙂  Camping, here I come!!!

So, I went to the store the other day at lunch and bought some tomato soup and tampons.  I laughed the rest of the way through the store, through the check out line and all the way back to work.  I had a really hard time not playing any practical jokes.  Can’t you see the hilarity that could have ensued?  Its too bad I work where it would not be appreciated.

Also, today is my niece, Maddie’s birthday.  She is four today.  I called to wish her a happy birthday and all she could tell me is that her mom wasn’t there because she was shopping.  It was pretty funny.

Learning the newness.

Much like eating sweet candy.

Contains happiness.